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How We Help Developers & Software Vendors

The way financial services connectivity is developed and maintained today is inefficient, labour-intensive and error prone. That is what drives FixSpec vision. By unlocking API descriptions trapped inside static PDF documents, we are leading a quiet revolution towards electronic specs.

Don't be fooled by the familiar layout. Comparing electronic specs to PDFs is like comparing cloud storage to floppy disks. One is easy to use, accessible everywhere, always in sync and integrated into other applications. The other is a floppy disk (or a PDF).

We work to improve the accuracy and presentation of online specs (because nobody reads XML), and surround them with tools to help developers and software vendors (ISVs) understand change. Our expanding range of standards-driven and ISV-specific export formats makes it easy to integrate electronic specs into existing trading applications.

Our tools include spec-specific log decoders, one-click spec comparisons and a multi-asset class, multi-protocol repository filled with API specs and user guides from around the world. These tools are provided free of charge to registered developers.

How We Help Trading Venues & Brokers

FixSpec offer a comprehensive suite of commercial products and services to help trading venues and brokers manage the entire client onboarding, certification and maintenance lifecycle. Faster onboarding and better processes mean faster time-to-revenue and lower operational risk.

The first step is to add your existing spec (irrespective of protocol or asset class) to our repository to get free exposure to thousands of developers worldwide. Your customers can access it with ease, while you receive reports on who is viewing it. In-built access controls keep sensitive documents safe.

Migrate your specs to electronic format and you will unlock significant efficiencies for your clients and vendors.

Electronic specs power our market-leading enterprise on-boarding and certification tool - Central.

Central collects and validates real-time traffic from within your UAT environment. It automates hours of certification log searches into a single button click. And because it is powered by our electronic specs, there's no re-coding to do (and no professional services fee to pay) when your spec changes.

Partnering Central with our Sidekick product adds a white-labelled, customer-facing portal capable of delivering real-time testing and certification feedback to your customers. It allows them to view and interact with their activity in either your existing UAT environment or a FixSpec cloud simulator.

The net result? Clients develop and certify faster, and more consistently. Your team is freed up to help serve customers instead of reading log files.

If you want to improve your specs, we offer a range of services ranging from simple best practice reviews, to log- or live-connection API validation. We also provide a fully outsourced authoring and distribution service.

To discuss how FixSpec can help your firm put onboarding on auto-pilot, please contact Chris at chris@fixspec.com.

Helping Our Customers To Help Theirs

FixSpec makes our on boarding process one of the fastest and most efficient services in the industry.

Richard Ring, Global Operations Director, Ullink NYFIX Services

Our aim is to make Aquis Exchange as time and cost efficient to connect to as possible. Our arrangement with FixSpec is an important step in this direction.

Alasdair Haynes, CEO, Aquis Exchange

Simplifying trading and enhancing access to our interface specifications makes it easier for market participants to build to our marketplace. Chi-X Australia's involvement in this global initiative with FixSpec is yet another example of Chi-X delivering innovation and higher service levels to Australian market participants.

Michael Aikins, CTO, Chi-X Australia
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